Backup Tape Storage & Rotation

Store Your Backup Tapes Securely,
Knowing You Will Get Them Back on Time

  • Are you looking for a reliable backup tape rotation service?
  • Does your risk-reduction policy require secure, offsite vault storage of backup tapes?
  • Does "the cloud" offer insufficient bandwidth for your emergency data restoration requirements?

Emergencies happen without warning, or there would never be a need to back up your data, right? Disk failure, unexpected server malfunctions, even physical damage due to natural disasters all demand a robust backup and restoration process. As an IT professional, you understand the need for backup, but what about restoration? If your data volume exceeds the capacity of the internet to fully restore your data within an acceptable timeframe, it’s time to use high-capacity backup tapes and store them in our media vault for speedy delivery to your business or hot site in case of disaster.

Locked and barcoded protective cases filled with your backup tapes are rotated by our security personnel to and from your desk or server room. You set the schedule. To make your life easier, we accept Tape Management System (TMS) output for rotation schedules.

Get peace of mind of knowing you are protected and can quickly recover lost data.

Need secure destruction of hard drives or backup tapes? Click here to learn about our NAID AAA Certified hard drive and media destruction service, available onsite (mobile) or offsite depending on your needs.

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Industry-Specific Solutions for You

Do you have special compliance and audit concerns that require a tested and proven tape management system (TMS)? Thanks to our included barcoding and online inventory systems, you will always get the tape you need, when you need it, so you can focus on what you do best.

We specialize in the following industries and have plenty of references for you to talk to when you are ready:

  • Hospitals & medical offices
  • Small and large law firms & individual lawyers
  • Businesses of all sizes, including Fortune 100 and SMBs
  • Government offices, including city, county and state agencies
  • Educational institutions, including school districts and colleges
  • Technology companies
  • Banks & financial service providers
  • Insurance companies & agents

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