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dsc00020Founded by Denise Chadima in 1999, we were a true “bootstrap” startup. Self-funded and renting a small, 3,500-square-foot warehouse, we moved our first customer out of self-storage and into our records center on New Year's Eve of that year.

The year 2000 was a growth year. When a large customer needed to store 6,000 boxes, we rented the warehouse next door to make room for all of them. Continued growth required more space, so by the time we had rented our fourth warehouse in that complex, we realized space would continue to be a problem, and so began our search for a facility where we could consolidate, allow future growth, and offer greater security.

maxxafe-logoIn 2003, we started Texas State Shredding, now renamed Maxxafe System, our on-demand document destruction service for companies with geographically-dispersed locations. Available in every zip code in the United States, Maxxafe provides customers with secure destruction of all documents, from all of their locations. In the autumn of 2003, we found the perfect facility for Maxxafe, and through the use of commercial and SBA loans, we completed the purchase of our 75,000-square-foot, fully-concrete (even the roof!), rock-solid record center.

Naturally, we renovated and upgraded the security systems, parking, offices, and lighting and transferred our entire inventory to the new facility, a feat we hope to never suffer through again. Retrieving a box from a barcoded rack with purpose-built equipment is easy; retrieving that box when it's stacked on a pallet with 40 other boxes being transported to its new home is not.

Thanks to our large network of happy customers who continue to recommend us, we have continued to grow in inventory and employees. We achieved NAID AAA Certification for our fasest-growing division, Texas State Shredding (now Maxxafe System) in April 2008.

Many people are responsible for the success of this company; you know who you are, and we appreciate you!

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