Storing Documents Offsite at CRM
vs. In-Office Records Storage

If you and your team are anything like the average American worker, you are each printing 10,000 sheets of paper per year.

  • Have you reduced your paper use recently, but still have years or decades-worth of paper files that you are required to retain and store?
  • Are you subject to an ever-growing list of Compliance requirements that force you to keep more and more documents for ever-longer periods of time?
  • Have you been storing all of your documents in the office, but are now running out of room? Are you moving soon?

When you run out of room or have to relocate, the logical solution seems to be to move your files to self storage, but it's not. Click here to find out why that's a bad idea.

See below for the top 3 reasons to store your documents off-site.

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Is Your Office Exploding with Files?
Are You Moving Soon?

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The Top 3 Reasons to Store Your Documents Off-Site

#1: Your Office Space Costs Way Too Much to Store Boxes

With the average office space in this area priced at $1.92 per square foot, wouldn't you rather spend just $0.27 and SAVE 86%?

That doesn't even include your file cabinets' footprint, the space you have to keep clear in front of them, and how unsightly they are.

Call us at 214-333-3453 to run the numbers and find out exactly how much you're spending on in-office file storage each month.

#2: You're Moving Now or Soon (or Leasing Your Office Space)

Before you know it, you've grown out of your space, your landlord is raising the rent, or you need to downsize. Either way, your moving budget has to include time and money to move documents that are producing zero ($0) revenue.

Call CRM to empty your office and start you off with a FREE file pickup.

#3: Your Risk of Data Breaches are High & Increasing.

Your HR records are locked up in a file cabinet, right? Company financials too?

Your lock is not nearly as safe as storing your files among hundreds of thousands of other boxes far away from your employees, competitors, and data thieves.

Schedule a records center tour today to see why banks, hospitals, lawyers and other businesses all trust CRM.

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BONUS ITEM: Why It's More Convenient to Store at CRM than Down the Hall

Did you know that CRM can have any file, or even a single piece of paper, stored in its records center on your desk or in your inbox within a few hours?

Our Happy Clients Do.

It seems really convenient to have your files right down the hall, and you recognize that you are paying a premium for that luxury. But what if it isn't a luxury at all?

CRM's professional records management system is so much more than box storage—it includes a robust database in which you can store and retrieve data down to the file, patient, client or item level, plus same and next-day retrieval and either physical delivery to any address you request, or digital Scan on Demand delivery to you or other parties as you instruct.

If you have ever spent time looking for a file that "should be here," or been out of the office and needed a file but couldn't reach anyone at the office, you can benefit from CRM's complete information management solution.

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