Storing Documents at CRM vs. Self Storage

Are your inactive and archival boxes stored at your local self-storage facility? Are you considering using a storage unit for your confidential, proprietary files?

If so, are you aware that you may be paying more than you should be to store documents that you haven't touched—or needed—in years, as well as taking a big risk?

Would you even know where to start if you had to find a file in those piles of boxes?

Do you need to shred half of the documents you're storing, but are stuck because you don't know how to make it happen?

Or, are you just overwhelmed by the challenge of straightening this mess out that you can't bring yourself to start?

If so, you are not alone. These are just a few of the reasons that businesses just like yours work with us to help them move their documents from self storage to our full-service records storage and management center. We've been doing this type of intervention for over 20 years.

If you are ready to make a move from self-storage to full-service, records storage, then give us a call at 214-333-3453 or simply complete the form on this page to begin the conversation.

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The Top 3 Reasons to Say Goodbye to Your Self Storage Unit

#1: Your Unit is Too Expensive

When you compare what you are paying now versus just $50 per month to store up to 130 letter/legal boxes, you know what makes most sense—or is it cents? Throw in all the extras, like our FREE online records management software and the fact that our team will retrieve the files for you, plus our incredible security, and your choice is clear.

Do you even need to keep all of those boxes? Switching to our service is the perfect time to reduce your box count and get organized.

Let us do the math for you and show you the savings. 

#2: Your Time is Too Valuable

How much does it cost someone from your company to rifle through boxes at the storage unit? We’ll deliver any number of boxes tomorrow for a single transportation charge of $20.50. Do you ever grab a file and not put it back where it belongs when you're done? Not anymore. Just call us and we'll get it right back where it came from thanks to our barcode tracking system.

We'll get you organized and keep it that way. 

#3: Your Insurance Risk is Too High

Even if your team is willing to stop by the storage unit, your insurance company isn't going to be happy about it. Employees who leave your office to go to self storage are a liability nightmare, and often aren't covered on your insurance. Traffic accidents, whether or not they are in a company vehicle, are now your problem. The injuries caused by lifting and sorting though those 50+ pound boxes stacked high will destroy someone's back, and your safety ratings.

Enlist our records management specialists to deliver boxes and files right to your desk and pick them up when you're finished, with no driving or heavy lifting. 

Stuck in Self Storage? CRM Will Move You for FREE.

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BONUS ITEM: The True Cost of a Data Breach

Did you know that ONE box of records could be worth far more
than a storage unit full of TVs, jewelry and electronics?

Criminals Do.

That's right! A box that contain personal information about your clients, patients, customers or you, your company and its employees can be worth a fortune to a thief.

Cases pop up every day about high-profile electronic hacks, but your plain old paper files are highly desired by the criminal "community," and their value is easy to cash in on while your reputation gets destroyed and customers leave in droves.

Ask us about the breach insurance we buy that covers YOU!

Our records tech professionals are all HIPPA trained and NAID AAA Certified.  We maintain  SSAE 16 security certification suitable for financial institutions.  Your storage unit offers none of that.

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