Medical Chart Storage and Management

  • Have you moved to EMR, but still have old paper charts in storage?
  • Are paper charts still taking up space in a back office or self storage unit?
  • Does your staff spend more time managing paper charts than practicing medicine?
  • Do you need a partner that is totally HIPAA compliant?

Many practices have transformed their records management systems with the introduction of EMR/HER. Great for patients who are in the system, but what about the years of charts that were created prior to the EMR start date? The solution: Scan On Demand! Here’s how it works:

  • We pick up charts and index them by Last Name, First Name (this is a great way to rediscover misfiled charts!)
  • Authorized office staff have access to the password-protected online database from their web browser
  • Simply find a patient and click "retrieve"
  • We pull the paper chart, scan it, and send it in an encrypted file for HIPAA compliance

Now all patient charts are electronic files, but only if you need them. That's the beauty of Scan On Demand. It's simple, secure and cost-effective.


Scan On Demand even works if you haven’t fully converted to EMR. No more shelves full of paper in your office or a storage unit. As a full-service records center, we use barcode technology to index and manage everything. We are so efficient, you can store 130 standard boxes for just $50 a month, and the online records management software is FREE. Compare that to hundreds of dollars spent storing your patient records in costly medical office space or unsecure storage units.

Freedom from paper! No more trips to the storage unit. No more time spent indexing, pulling and re-filing charts. We are the low-cost partner to your practice, and all our staff receive HIPAA compliance training and certification. Call us or complete the form on this page to find out how we will do all the "heavy lifting" and solve your paper chart dilemma. Join the many practices enjoying our Scan On Demand service!

Are Patient Charts Consuming Too Much Time and Shelf Space?

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“After we moved to EMR, we needed a solution for the paper charts still stored in each of our offices. Corporate Records Management provided the most cost effective program by picking up and indexing each chart, then storing them at their secure facility. We were then able to centralize our record request capabilities and standardize the process. Now, when we need a chart, we just request it using their online retrieval website and they scan it the same day, ready for importing into our EMR. On demand scanning…the perfect solution. Thanks for being our document management partner, Corporate Records!” — Peggy Seiler, Practice Manager Texas Digestive Disease Consultants, TDDC

Have Patient Charts Taken Over Your Office?

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