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dsc00020Denise Chadima, Owner

Providing leadership and our singular focus on treating our customers the way they would expect from a woman-owned business.

Denise has owned Corporate Records Management since its inception in 1998, first as a sole proprietorship, then on to incorporation, growing the business sufficiently that we were able to purchase our current 72,000-square-foot facility in 2004.

Her entrepreneurial spirit guides CRM's daily activities, while her faith-based business spirit provides the proper context for customer care and the long-term health of the company.


Martin Devitt, Operations Managermartin_devitt_operations_manager

Martin has been working in this industry for over 28 years, starting off as a Librarian in an offsite storage company across the pond in London at the young age of 18. He has worked for the biggest offsite storage companies in the world, and we're lucky that he landed here at Corporate Records Management in October 2013. Martin not only manages the daily operations tasks each day but also strives to improve our processes to ensure that we give each individual customer the service that they deserve.

All staff have undergone the following training programs:

  • HIPAA Awareness Training
  • NAID Training
  • Security Awareness Training
  • Fire Awareness Training


Sean Clewis,
Truck Operator 


Takis Sample,
Truck Operator 

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