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How to Comply With Sarbanes-Oxley

The Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) was enacted in 2002 to strengthen corporate accountability and eliminate financial fraud within publicly-traded companies. This federal law was passed as a direct response to the infamous corporate accounting scandals that occurred between 2000 and 2002. As a result, auditing controls must be put in place to safeguard the accuracy of…
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The Top 4 Data Protection and Recovery Strategies for Small Businesses

As a small business owner, you’re committed to making sure your company runs as smoothly as possible. But one thing you can’t control is the unpredictability of disasters. In an instant, everything can come to a standstill. Fortunately, with advance preparation, you can keep your business up and running—even during the worst of circumstances. Here…
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5 Document Storage Questions You Need to Ask Yourself

It’s easy enough to throw a file in a box and call it “document storage.” But when you run a business, there are many more steps and factors to consider. We’ve compiled the top five document storage questions you need to ask yourself: 1. When Should I Consider Offsite Storage for My Documents? If you…
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What Is Document Scanning?

Document scanning is the practice of using scanners to convert paper documents into digital images. More businesses are scanning documents as a way to cut costs, increase productivity and improve access to their information. And in this blog post we discuss the benefits of document scanning and offer tips for digitizing your hard copy records.…
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Your Shredding and Destruction Options and How They Benefit Your Business

Every business needs a privacy protection solution. To an increasing extent, criminals are taking advantage of organizations across a wide spectrum of industries with negligent information disposal practices. Here, we summarize your shredding and destruction options and how each benefits your business. Onsite vs. Offsite There are two types of shredding services: onsite shredding and…
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The 5 Most Effective Ways to Protect Your Business Information

magine if your important business documents or data were stolen. Could you continue to serve your customers, communicate with your suppliers, and fulfill your compliance obligations? It would be difficult at best. That’s why the protection of your business information is such an important part of keeping your business running. Here are the most effective…
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We switched to CRM with our document storage and document shredding needs and consider that one of the best decisions ever. CRM is very professional, local and easy to work with. Many thanks CRM!

-Leopold Steinberger

Great and personal service. Great always know where your boxes are and so do they! Not only do they have the best boxes ever for storing your docs (reasonably priced, sturdy and best of all---easy to put together), they also have onsite shredding. Full service for the entire life cycle of your documents. We have been a customer for approximately 8 years and NEVER had a single problem...which was not the case with our previous vendor! 

-Patricia Flournoy

Love Corporate Records Management. Very efficient and friendly staff. Have never had any issues, would definitely recommend.

-Maribel Hernandez

Very effective in storing our backup tapes in climate controlled storage. They are real quick to response in email queries and was always available to return tapes in case we have an emergency restore. Excellent customer service as well.

-Philip Mills

I have only been working with Corporate Records Management for a few months, but they have been an excellent partner to have in managing our extensive amount of hard copy construction plans and specifications. They are prompt and professional when picking items up to take to their storage facility, and it is extremely easy to request items back from storage if needed at a later time. I have made retrieval requests in the afternoon, and they have delivered to us the very next day. KWA Construction is most appreciate of Corporate Records Management! You help keep our office tidy and clutter-free!

-Tasha Keene

We've used CRM for almost 2 years to store our data tapes offsite. They have been reliable and easy to work with. When we have had special requests they have been quick to respond and get us what we need quickly. There were a few minor glitches when we were first getting everything setup at the beginning, but everything was quickly sorted out and we have zero complaints.

-Bret Harrell

Corporate Records Management is an awesome company. They have very friendly people who don't mind helping if you call with a question. I would recommend them to anyone who is looking to store files at an offsite facility

-Frank DaMommio

Great customer service and rapid response time to orders! Very professional and they also have had great solutions for problems my company has had. Patient employees helped us when dealing with a big conversion. Will highly recommend for business needs.

- Kedrick Williams