Product Destruction

Get Your Recalled, Expired, Defective & Discontinued Products Destroyed Professionally & Locally

Maintaining an excellent business reputation isn't just about protecting documents and data; it requires safeguarding your brand and intellectual property from counterfeiting—all too common these days. In fact, most of the products we destroy are counterfeit. There’s also the risk of copyright infringement.

At Corporate Records Management (CRM), our product destruction service offers reliable and secure destruction of counterfeit, recalled, expired, defective and discontinued corporate products, including:

  • Identification cards and badges
  • Overstock and damaged inventory
  • Branded containers and packaging
  • Products that test poorly during quality control

No matter what type of product you need decommissioned, we ensure it is destroyed with unparalleled security and in accordance with state and federal privacy regulations.

Product Destruction Truck on the Highway

Secure Product Destruction

Whether you need a one-time bulk pick up or regularly scheduled destruction, we can help. Our screened and trained staff will come directly to your office and transport your unwanted items in GPS-tracked vehicles to our shredding plant. We maintain a strict chain of custody throughout the collection, transfer and destruction process. Our shredding plant offers 24-hour monitored surveillance to ensure unparalleled security. After your product is destroyed, we issue a Certificate of Destruction for your records.

Customized Product Destruction Solutions

New product launches often make existing products obsolete, and unexpected recalls can create sudden storage constraints. These challenges, combined with the manpower and resources needed to destroy recalled, defective and expired products, make it difficult for companies to remedy excess inventory problems.

Throwing away your branded product simply isn't an option, but you may be faced with a unique destruction requirement. Rest assured that there's no product destruction puzzle CRM can't solve. We will tailor a solution to meet your specific need.

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