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When you first visit our large, red brick facility, the first thing you may notice is there is no way to “walk in.” Contacting us through the intercom at our security gate is the only way to access the parking lot. There is another intercom at the front door which our reception staff uses to identify you before "buzzing" you into the facility.

As you start your escorted tour through the facility, take a moment to look up to see that even the roof is made of concrete; nothing could more secure. If a smile crosses your face, that's good, because by now you have been digitally photographed, videotapes, and digitally stored through no less than five separate cameras.

First you'll tour the largesecurity_camera ambient-temperature box storage areas, compartmentalized for fire risk reduction per the latest regulations (the fire inspector loves our layout, including 100% sprinkler coverage.) Then you'll walk into our 30,000-square-foot climate-controlled storage space and stop by the large backup tape and media vault designed for four hours of fire protection.

Speaking of backups, we practice what we preach when we tell you to store your data backups offsite. Our inventory management database, which is critical to our entire operation, is also backed up offsite. Our backups systems also extend to independent electrical generation to ensure that a power outage won’t prevent us from protecting your data or delivering your important files.

After a complete tour, it's clear that this is the place you want to store your important documents, because...

"If it's important to you, it’s safe with us.”

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