What Makes CRM So Different?

Your choice of a document management vendor should be carefully considered. Anyone can store boxes in a warehouse, but when you need to contact your vendor, how do they treat you?

  • Do they know you when you call, or are you just another account number?
  • All accounts have special needs. Is your vendor taking care of your needs, or are they telling you to conform to their standards for their convenience?
  • Do their delivery drivers seem glad to see you, or are they in a hurry to leave?
  • Can you talk directly to the owner, or do your calls get sent to an overseas call center with no hope of contacting management?

Corporate Records Management is woman-owned and operated. Our clients tell us that's a big part of what makes us so easy to work with. We love what we do, and it shows. Our entire organization exists to serve you, our customer, and we do that with a woman’s touch (yes, we employ men, too!).

Call us and ask for the owner, Denise, or Ronnie in customer service. Chat with Judy or Porter during your next delivery and you will see what a difference it makes to work with a company who cares about you.

Not a customer yet? Call Don, our on-staff Certified Records Manager, to discuss retention schedules, scanning, or any other records management-related question. He can help you get started with us at any level.

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